3 July 2018

BBQ recipes - let's get grilling!

Here at Simply we are big fans of BBQ-ing. We think these 12 globally inspired ideas are definitely worth firing up the barbecue for and sharing with family and friends.  Best of all, these recipes are perfect for indoor and outdoor cooking - so no need to worry about the weather.

Also check out our video guides below for top tips, tasty techniques and common BBQ mistakes to avoid.

Top BBQ Hints and Tips

Want to really impress your family and friends with your top grilling skills (and avoid common BBQ mistakes)?  Then watch our 'how to BBQ like a pro' video below.   Plus follow our step-by-step videos on preparing marinades, butters and rubs and how to cook the perfect steak on the BBQ.   We've also got a handy guide to grilling and barbecuing times for different lamb and beef cuts.

How to prepare flavoured butter for the BBQ

How to create the perfect BBQ marinade

How to prepare a simple dry rub for the BBQ