4 October 2017

Cook with Keema

Here at Simply beef and lamb we want to get more families cooking with lamb keema. It's used all over the world and is often the base for many dishes but unfortunately, it’s often overlooked here in the UK. We think it’s time to change that!

Celebrity mum Stacey Solomon has teamed up with chef Nisha Katona to encourage mums to cook with keema and help you guys dish up quick and easy meals which the whole family will love.

Stacey and Nisha met up earlier this year to create a recipe video where Stacey learns the difference between ‘hot’ and ‘aromatic’ spices, how to tailor them for her children, as well as the variety of simple meal ideals using keema.

What is Keema?​

Made from lamb mince, keema is inspired by South Asian cuisine and is usually prepared as a curry with lamb mince and peas.  The ingredients can vary but generally you need lamb mince, garlic, ginger, chilli, ginger, onions and garam masala or curry powder. All cooked in one pan, it really is bursting with flavour.

What is Keema?

What can I make with Keema? 

Keema is the perfect meal for busy mums looking for quick, family friendly dishes. It can be served as a traditional Indian dish with rice or naan, but is so versatile that it can be used to give a twist to a favourites such as Shepherd’s pie, be added to pasta for a new-style bolognese or to jacket potatoes.

As keema is a great base for so many dishes, it’s perfect for batch cooking. Cook a batch at the weekend and freeze portions ready for weekly meals whenever you need.

To see just how easy (and fun) cooking with keema is just take a look at the video!