Red Tractor mark

Red Tractor ensures you can trust the food we all eat.  We are the largest food standards scheme in the UK, covering all the areas you care about; animal welfare, food safety, traceability and environmental protection.
Our food and drink has been responsibly produced to some of the most comprehensive and respected standards in the world. All stages are regularly checked by independent experts.
All the major UK supermarkets use our standards as the basis for their UK sourced food.

Q. Why was the Red Tractor scheme introduced?

Assured Food Standards was established in the spring of 2000, and the Red Tractor label was launched in the summer of the same year. At that time the public were faced with a plethora of food standards and labels. The Red Tractor label was set up to help harmonise the approach to standard setting and inspection throughout the supply chain and to give the public a mark of quality, safe, affordable food that they could recognise and trust.

We believe that Red Tractor has a major role to play in the future of food and farming – by promoting recognition of professionally produced assured food, and by boosting the reputation of food production in the UK. We do this by first establishing the benchmark for production standards and then carrying out regular and robust inspections to ensure that producers, processors and other operators continually meet those standards.

Q. What is the main benefit of the scheme?

The Red Tractor label confirms that independent experts have checked that food or drink meets our comprehensive standards, from farms to fork.
Our standards cover the following:

  1. Traceability: We know where all Red Tractor food and drink comes from.
  2. Animal Welfare: Red Tractor farmers care about their animals.
  3. Safety: We check the whole food chain, to make sure everything is safe to eat.
  4. Environemental Protection: Red Tractor farmers care about our countryside.
  5. Provinance: The Union Jack flag in the Red Tractor logo confirms your food has been born, grown, prepared and packed, all in the UK.

Q. What criteria must food and drink meet in order to be able to carry the logo?

Production at each step of the supply chain must meet the Red Tractor standards criteria. All animals must come from a Red Tractor assured farm and on leaving the farm each step is audited to ensure that the criteria for animal welfare, food safety and hygiene are met. This includes transport, markets and slaughter through to processing and packing. Every step of the production chain is checked by an independent team of checkers, who must also be able to trace the product back through the Red Tractor supply chain.

Q Do other marks offer me the same assurances?

We often get asked how the Red Tractor logo compares with other logos on packs. It can be confusing to know what logos on food labels actually mean. We’ve pulled together a handy guide to help you make the right choices about the food you buy. http://www.redtractor.org.uk/what-we-do/know-your-logos

Q Where will I be able to find / buy meat carrying the Red Tractor label?

All the major UK supermarkets use our standards as the basis for their UK sourced food. Most display our logo to confirm product credentials with their customers.

You can locate your nearest supermarket or restaurant stocking Red Tractor certified products here: http://www.redtractor.org.uk/what-we-do/where-to-buy

We are also used by a number of UK brands and restaurants, including Weetabix, Silver Spoon Sugar, Wyke Farm Cheese, Nandos, KFC, Café Nero, Harvester and Toby Inn restaurants.

Q Where does meat carrying the Red Tractor logo come from?

The Union Jack flag in the Red Tractor logo confirms your food has been born, grown, prepared and packed in the UK. Not all food carrying the union jack logo can offer you this full UK guarantee.

Q Will buying food and drink carrying the Red Tractor label help our farmers?

By choosing products with the Red Tractor label you are helping to support British farmers who work hard every day to produce quality food and drink that conforms to good standards. Your support helps not only the farmer and farm workers, but everyone involved in the Red Tractor supply chain.